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The environmental impact of traditional cartridges 2016-02-25

First, a resource-intensive production process costs

Production of a new cartridge, consumes 2.85 liters of oil, particularly in today's oil shortages, rising oil prices in the case, or from the earth's resources to spend on capital reserves or people that people should find ways to avoid unnecessary oil consumption.

Second, the waste volume

In China, every year probably will produce 160,000 cubic meters (nearly 100 million tons) of solid waste. And among the hazardous substances will flow to the natural environment, according to this accumulation to go on, more land will be covered by solid waste, the greater the environment will be affected.

Third, refractory

Since the structure and function of cartridges to determine their use made of biodegradable materials, in 1000 also intact, which undoubtedly brought to Earth a great burden.

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