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Does printer should match up with cartridge? 2016-02-25
Low melting point of toner cartridge to ensure a more continuous and lasting details prints ; spiral roller drives, and printers supporting the use can provide superior graphics quality anomalies , eliminating streaks and uneven color print ; with magnetic seals to prevent toner leakage , ensure clean printing environment to ensure high reliability of the printer ; using more sensitive drum , it can print up to 2400dpi precision ; intelligent cartridge technology to monitor and calculate Toner usage, does not appear to ensure further embarrassment print cartridge replacement midway , leaving the user supplies a reasonable plan expenses.
And one of the most critical components of a good laser printer toner cartridges, also known as the drum. Toner cartridge model refers to the model of this printer can be used , under normal circumstances , would use the manufacturer's recommended printer cartridge matches the model , different models unless the use of a secondary filled , otherwise it can not be used . Laser printer toner cartridges for organic silicon photoconductor , there is work fatigue, therefore , continuous working time can not be too long , if the output is large , may, after working for some time to stop and rest for a while and then continue output. Some users to work alternately with two cartridges , but it is a good way.

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